All inclusive home renovation

House renovation with Piovano Architettura e Design

Renovating your home is a major investment. The first step is to ensure that your renovation is a good one is to choose reliable professionals.

Budget optimization

We do not do online estimates based on the price per square metre because a correct assessment requires the necessary investigations. In any case we can always modify the renovation project to the budget available, optimising the choices for you to get the best result possible.

All Inclusive

We are the first to propose All-Inclusive renovation including the décor. Our Home Design department is able to offer a selection of high quality brands at a very competitive price and they are included in the overall project price.


We meticulously plan all phases of the renovation, from initial planning to any end furnishings, formalising an agreement that will ensure compliance with the time and cost to the smallest detail.

High quality design

The quality of design is our pride. Our architects design functional renovation to take advantage of the spaces and maximise the features of your property

A selection of projects which may inspire you

Our Approach

We apply a method that involves meticulous analysis of your housing needs to create a project that we coordinate in all its phases, from possible furniture design, leaving you to enjoy only the best: the final result in total respect of the time and cost quoted in the initial phase.

  • 1. Evaluation

    At the first meeting we explore your needs and characteristics of the property to get an estimate of the intervention and introduce a quote based on the project.

  • 2. Design

    If you decide to proceed, we will fully investigate and consider the project. We will then visit the premises and analyse the potential to outline a proposal that will fully exploit the potential of your home.

  • 3. Solutions

    We will hand-draw the project and its variants on boards together with computer graphic renderings which will provide a preview of the final result.

  • 4. Kick Off

    We will assign a project contact person who will be your only reference for the duration of the work. In this phase, a timed plan will be drawn and it will be followed in detail.

  • 6. Decoration anf furnishing

    If you choose ALL INCLUSIVE, we will furnish your home. Our experienced interior designer will enhance the best spaces including details, finishes and décor items that make your home unique and inviting, modeled on your taste and your personality

  • 7. Project Delivery

    After the décor, the “make-up” phase… the finishing touches we proceed with the cleaning of the premises for the delivery of your home, as you had imagined and desired.

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